Metal Rolling
CNC controlled rolling mill that can handle most jobs with a maximum rolling width of 1500mm.

Other Rolling Mills:
• Slip roller: 1500mmx90mm
• Slip roller: 1000mmx50mm
• Bead roller

Ring Rolling Mill
Rolling of round bar, square bar, flat bar, back angle bar, profiles and t-bar.

Pipe Rolling
Rolling of round and profile pipes.

Water Cutting

5-axis water cutting

Water cutting has many benefits. Since it is a cold process the materials structure and properties are not affected.

Our cutting table is 4000mmx2000mm and we are able to cut both soft and hard materials, from the very thinnest up to 200mm in thickness.

We cut steel, stainless, titanium, hardened steel, aluminium, copper, brass, granite, shale, marble, glass, ceramic, plastic, composite, rubber, laminated wood and more.

5-axis water cutting is suitable for joint preparations, countersinking and bevelling of parts. It also allows the possibility to compensate for angular deviations and get a completely straight cut resulting in less clean up work.

Laser Cutter

CO2 laser cutter with a pipe chuck. Sheet size up to 3000mmx1500mm.

We laser cut from 0.2mm strip plate up to 20mm steel plate.
We cut stainless steel up to 12mm and aluminium up to 8mm.

In our laser we can cut pipes up to 400mm in diameter, both round and profile pipe.

Press Brake

We are able to bend all types of plate and plastic in our CNC- controlled press break with 6-axis rear stop.
We utilise press brake simulation the preparation stage in our programming system.

• 130 ton / 3 meter
• 85 ton / 2 meter
• 36 ton / 1,1 meter
• 25 ton / 1,25 meter

Punch Cutting

In our modern punch cutter facility we punch, thread and shape sheet metal with a width up to 2500mmx1250mm and thickness of up to 8mm.

With retakes we can process plates of multiple meters.[?]


In our CNC lathes with a subspider and rod magazine we have a capacity of up to 75mm diameter rod. We work with everything from a single piece to full production runs.

We have 3 support lathes where we process singles


5-axis milling.

In our milling department we process production runs all the way down to single pieces. Our multi operation mills can work with dimensions up to: X:1500mm Y:600mm Z:700mm.

Pipe Bending

Our machine shop has the capability of bending tubing up to approx. 30mm.

Tools for round bars:
10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30mm.


Our automatic band saw, our hydraulic and manual cutting machines have a capacity of cutting up to 300mm.

We have a saw table for countertops, plastics, wood and other materials.


We weld MIG / TIG / Spot
Bolt welding is available for most materials.
We use modern fixture tables to support and effectively fix in place the components to be welded.