Powder Coating

This facility is made up of a combination of 2‐step iron-phosphating with wash, drying‐kiln and three powder application boxes
(two with friction charges and one with electrostatic charge) as well as a kiln. Mostly white mix powder is applied.
Upon order all colours (NCS‐ and RAL‐scale) and all powder types can be run (epoxy, mix, polyester and metallic).

Max product size: L=2100mm, W=650mm, H=1400mm

The entire washing facility is run utilising recirculation. Used baths are run through vacuum evaporators where none of the processed water can escape.


We offer our customers a full range of solutions from production through to reliable delivery to customers. This means we often are contracted to do the metalworking as well as the assembly and quality control.

We have 2000㎡ of assembly floor and often complete final assembly for our customers. Final assembly has the benefit that we can store the products in our 1000 ㎡ warehouse to later deliver directly to the end customer. We have knowledgeable and experienced fitters that can assemble most products.


Our extensive warehouse facilities allow us space and flexibility, leading to, shorter lead times and customer controlled production.

We have the facilities to provide cost effective storage of your manufactured and finished components on the shelf waiting for delivery to your end customer.